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“Get Unstuck” move for Starforged RPG

A new custom Session Move for the “Ironsworn: Starforged” solo roleplaying game. May work for other Powered by the Apocalypse RPGs as well:

GET UNSTUCK (Session Move)

When you realize you feel stuck, anxious, or not excited about your current narrative situation, and don’t know how to progress with your narrative, mark this place in your session as a highlighted “rewind point”. Make a note to yourself that you can later Take A Break and/or Change Your Fate “rolling back” to the “rewind point”. Then, consider one or more of the approaches below:

After resolving the situation in some way, take +1 momentum, corresponding to your character emerging victorious from a mysterious invisible entanglement of fate paths.

(If you like the above enough to consider copying it somewhere, I’d be super grateful if you could attribute it to me, as u/akavel, and could do it under the terms of the rather liberal CC BY-SA 4.0 license.)

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